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Coronavirus Tips for Addressing the Pandemic in Ventura County

Ventura County feels like a different world right now. Between the new stay-at-home lifestyle and social distancing practices in public, our community feels completely changed. We know that the current pandemic is only temporary and we can look forward to a Fresh Start in the future. But for now, we have to stay positive, stay vigilant, and follow a few essential coronavirus tips.

First, wash your hands frequently and for twenty seconds at a time. Coronavirus remains viable on a surface for as long as a few days, and your hands are the easiest path from a surface to your system. Also disinfect all living and work spaces thoroughly and often.

Take all social distancing measures seriously. Many individuals carry coronavirus long before they show symptoms. But anyone who has the virus can spread it. Never assume you or those around you are virus-free simply because it appears that way. Protect yourself and the community by staying home, wearing a cloth mask in public, and maintaining a six-foot distance between yourself and others.

If anyone in your household is at higher risk for severe infection or fatality, provide them with a protected space. Get to know the symptoms of coronavirus so you can respond properly to signs of infection. For symptoms such as cough, fever, or shortness of breath, call your doctor. If you or a loved one experiences emergency warning signs (inability to breathe, blue lips or face, confusion, etc.) seek medical attention immediately.

You may wish to call a professional company to handle your sanitization and disinfection needs. 911 Restoration of Ventura County is a great local resource. Our experts are trained to follow CDC and EPA protocols for property disinfection. They deep clean offices, homes, and commercial facilities throughout Ventura County. In addition to providing excellent service, we strive to leave you with peace of mind. We know how stressful this time is for our neighbors, and we hope you’ll turn to us for clarity and compassion.

If there’s one thing this pandemic has to teach us, it’s that we all depend on one another. 911 Restoration is eager to be of service to our community. Call us when you need us.

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