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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

If your home has experienced this scenario, then contact the fire and smoke damage restoration professionals with 911 Restoration Ventura today!

Water Damage Restoration Technician In CrawlspaceRemoving the traces of damage that a flare up and house fire incident can cause is quite the challenge and this is why Zack and his teams of fire and smoke restoration Ventura experts are the most trusted source for this kind of work in the area.

“Fires can be difficult situations to recover from without the help of professional restoration services provided by IICRC certified experts like ours,” Zack says.

When a fire and smoke situation occurs, it moves extremely quickly and it can affect every facet of the home in a matter of seconds.

“People don’t realize it, but when they have a fire inside the home, the ventilation system spreads the smoke from the event all over the house and basically covers everything in particulate.” Zack says. “That carries with it a smoky smell that can be difficult to get rid of without the right tools.”

Don’t let a small kitchen fire and smoke event spread particulate throughout your entire beautiful home. Contact Zack and the fire and smoke restoration Ventura professionals with 911 Restoration Ventura today!

Why Fire Causes Water Damage

Zack and his teams of fire and smoke restoration Ventura specialists know all there is to about the nature of a fire inside the home, and how it affects materials from sheetrock to floor tiles.

Water Damage Restoration Drywall DamageBut Zack and the fire restoration Ventura specialists also know that when a fire occurs inside a home, it usually means that the fire department has to expend hundreds to thousands of gallons of water to put the fire out too. Among the problems that can occur:

  • “A house fire is almost always going to be accompanied by water damage from the fire department,” Zack says. “And if the water used to put out the blaze isn’t extracted immediately it will then also cause a mold contamination too.”
  • The water that gets used to put out a house fire and smoke scenario can also use the cracks and spaces created by the fire to infiltrate other areas of the home too.
  • “We went to a fire damaged house one time and found a pool or water sitting in the homeowner’s finished basement because it leaked through the floor boards and used gravity to find the lowest possible place to settle,” Zack says.

Don’t let a pool of standing water seep into your basement from a kitchen fire. Contact Zack and his teams of fire and smoke restoration Ventura technicians at 911 Restoration for all the assistance your home needs to recover from a smoke and fire event today!

Finding Shelter After the Fire

Zack and his fire and smoke restoration Ventura team know that a fire and smoke event can be extremely stressful, and even more so when the home becomes uninhabitable afterwards.Water Damage Restoration Van Ready At Job Site

This is why Zack and his crews can arrive within 45 minutes of a distress call, so that they can begin the healing process for the home as quickly as humanly possible.

Additionally, fires can break out at the most inopportune times, though no matter when they occur, Zack and his team are always ready to help with teams available 24/7/365 no matter what.

“One time we got called out to a house fire after the fire department had put out the blaze the night before,” Zack says. “When we got there, the homeowners expected to be able to stay in the house still while the restoration work took place. Unfortunately because of all the water damage and lingering smoke smell, this was an impossibility for them.”

That’s why Zack and his crews went the Extra Mile to make sure that the homeowner was taken care of by finding them an affordable place to stay at a local hotel while they took on the fire and smoke damage.

“We even helped to figure out all of the insurance paperwork for this event because we wanted the homeowner to feel that they were completely taken care of throughout the whole process,” Zack explains.

If a fire has taken place in your home, and you want the most trustworthy and capable professionals in the industry to help you through these tough times, then contact Zack and his teams of fire and smoke restoration Ventura professionals with 911 Restoration Ventura today to help!

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