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Water Damage Oxnard

When it comes to alleviating the situations that a ceiling leak, flooding event, or any other form of water intrusion can cause 911 Restoration of Ventura County is the best in the business.Water Damage Restoration Technician

Eliminating the damages caused by water requires professionals with skill and years of field work, and this is why our water damage Oxnard team are licensed, insured, bonded and IICRC certified to handle any kind of water related situation.

Providing people with the highest quality restoration experience possible means not only being certified to do so, but also being quick to the scene to get the job done immediately and this is why our water damage Oxnard team will arrive within 45 minutes of a call for help.

We are also available to do so 24/7/365. This way we can take on a challenge whenever it springs up in your home or business and save the day for people in need.

Beyond arriving quickly and at any time a challenge comes up, our water damage Oxnard team also make sure to bring the latest drying technology to all of their projects. This gives them the ability to solve any challenge big or small for people and their homes.

If your place of business or house is experiencing the effects of a water damage disaster from a ceiling leak, water heater failure, or even a local area flood, then don’t wait for it to grow mold too. Contact the water damage Oxnard team with 911 Restoration Ventura and get all the help you need today!

Preventing Water Damage through Simple Maintenance Work

Our water damage Oxnard crew know all there is to about what needs to be done after a water damage incident has already taken place, but they are also highly adept at helping people to prevent such scenarios at all too.

We strive to give everyone all the help they need. That means we try to help people avoid needing our services altogether and for that we have compiled a list of the ways that they can keep their property dry and water damage free all year long.Water Damage Pipe Burst Outside

  • Take time to clean out the gutters and downspouts on your property to avoid clogs and overflows that may spread apart the roofing layers and introduce water damage inside the home.
  • Make sure that there aren’t any branches overhanging your home or business that are dead and have the potential to fall in high wind or severe storms.
  • Never put anything into your drainage system that it was not designed to handle. This can include multi-ply as well as wipes that claim to be biodegradable.
  • Have a restoration professional or a trusted plumbing expert come and snake scope your whole system to check for any areas that may require more attention to avoid water damage.
  • Inspect the hoses, connectors, and fittings on your water-based appliances to see if there are any sections with wear and tear that may develop into ruptures under more pressure.

These are some of the most common forms of water damage sources. But this is not a complete list, and if anyone should have a question about something that isn’t mentioned here, they should give us a call to find out more.

Don’t let your home fall victim to a ceiling leak, water heater flood, or any other form of water damage. Contact 911 Restoration of Ventura County for any restoration need today!

Collapsed Pool Causes First Floor Flood

Our water damage Oxnard team have seen all different kinds of water damage in their time in the field and that is what gave them all the know-how they needed to solve a collapsed pool challenge at one recent jobsite.Water Damage Restoration Van Ready At Job Site

We took on this project where there were too many people in the above ground pool. And that collapsed one of the sides and sent a wave of water pouring into the first floor living room.

Our crew arrived at the site with all the tools needed for a big water extraction job, and they got the place cleared out of excess water within a few hours.

We placed our advanced extraction technology in the right spots and managed to get all of the standing water out really quickly. Then we put our air movers, dehumidifiers and heaters in strategic locations to air the property out so that it wouldn’t have a chance of growing mold.

Mold growth can happen really quickly after a water damage event and this is why our team worked tirelessly to prevent that from happening and causing the homeowner more stress.

If your home is inundated with flood water from a pool incident, and you want the best restoration company in the area to make your home like new again, then don’t wait another minute to contact the water damage Oxnard team with 911 Restoration Ventura today!

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